Monday, November 11, 2013

Trailer Treasure

What I'm about to show you, may be considered, by some, as ridiculous. But it's an outpouring of my creativity and dreams of late. 

I had been spending a lot of time on little crafty projects for other people and realized my children hadn't held a paintbrush in far too long. So I set aside a day to play, because, let's face it, I'm "all or nothing" and if it's not a day, it's not at all. (Fortunately, I'm working on overcoming that problem, but it's a slow process.) 

Initially it was just going to be a cardboard mailbox, then it turned into... a camping trailer. What is wrong with me!? Many wonder.

Once I made the decision to build said trailer it was "game on!" I worked from sun up to sun down, only stopping briefly to feed and clothe children, heaven forbid myself. I let the kids paint and tried not to let my creation become, *my* creation. It was fun and relaxing and inspired by one of my favorite photographer/blogger, Joy Prouty, from Wildflowers Photography

If you don't know the Prouty family, they're pretty neat. Dreamers and doers. They chose to load up their four [young] children and travel the Northwest for about 6 months. She did portrait photography along the way and they lived out of their renovated 1950's Spartanette trailer. Not only did she make it pretty inside, but she had a renowned artist, Katie Daisy, paint the exterior. It's a happy and beautiful. The trailer became an art piece that followed them wherever they went. 

I applaud them for their determination and for trusting God in their journey, which had to have been tough, did I mention they brought their *four* children!? 

Anyway, with plans of our own, 3 week, road trip next Summer and dreams of living in Northwestern country someday, I couldn't help but be creatively inspired. 

I don't expect you to be impressed or think it's anything other than ridiculous. I do, however, expect you to let your *own* creativity have a day once in a while, to be a little crazy, and occasionally turn some trash into treasure.


The kids think the roof is fun to drive cars around on!


Supplies -
1 Box cutter/knife
Spray bottle with water
Paper Tape: Staples, in the packing section. Totally awesome stuff, make sure you have a spray bottle to wet it!
Cardboard: 1 large rectangular (carseat) box, 2 large square boxes, and 1 skinny rectangular box, I had on hand.

Faux Wood Wallpaper: Contact paper from dollar store.
Floral "Wallpaper": Wrapping paper from dollar store and Modge Podge.
Scalloped Wallpaper: Fabric and Modge Podge.
Faux Wood Logs: Rolled cardboard, Paper tape, and Contact paper from dollar store.
Fire: Craft foam sheets glued together and electric "candle" from dollar store.
Carpet: Carpet squares from dollar store.
Hooks: Adhesive hooks from dollar store.

I had a vision in my head, so I just took boxes I had, cut them flat, and started fitting them and taping them as best as I could. The back of the trailer has a compartment for them to hide in or put stuff in. 

I used acrylic paint I had on hand, with the help from the kids, we covered the whole outside. It's a little lot splotchy, but I wasn't going to be perfect about it. 

Once the outside was painted, I Modge Podged and stuck whatever would go onto the walls inside to cover up the ugly and the poor door hanging job. 

I hung a few things up, and cut a hole for a fireplace, which is also my main support box holding up the roof. 

I couldn't really tell you any more about *how* I did this, it was just trial and error really. I hope the kids enjoy playing with it as much I had in making it! I'm making a spot for it in our living room as a semi-permanent feature. In case you don't know, semi-permanent around here means; until the kids destroy it. ;)