Thursday, October 17, 2013

Love Shows

Since we decided to adopt #4, I've been praying and wondering how God will work it all out. We haven't even pursued any options yet, because we're not sure where we'll be living in the next few years. However, I have already been feeling excited and at peace about it all. 

Gradually my heart and eyes for adoption, foster care, and the unborn has been opened. 

(Taken by our friend Matthew Priestley several years ago, before he blossomed into an incredible fashion photographer for the likes of Vogue.)

I'm no stranger to adoption, my sister was adopted and many families I know have adopted. I've always wanted to adopt, but wasn't sure that we'd be "cut out for it". I'm learning that there's no such thing as that, if we have love to give we should share it. 

My love language is giving and right now giving myself towards adoption for us and others, is where I'm at. That's why I'm working on a little project to help adoptive parents and maybe even birth moms. I'm in the early stages of figuring it all out, but I want to do more than just watch the brave souls, who are out showing their love to others, I want to be a part of it.

<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<    >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Yesterday's Instagram challenge was Show Me The Love. I believe that love is a choice and not just a feeling. However, lovely feelings are nice too... 

(iPhone 5)

He is proof of our love, as is this symbol, a trinity love knot, on my back that matches one on my husbands shoulder. Love Shows.

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Day 4 (Today): Laughs
Day 5 (Friday): Flashback


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